Mag Mell is a new Micro Nation being started to establish a land for normal people to call home. The name derives from Irish mythology, Mag Mell you can read more about this here History of Mag Mell

The goals and objectives of this new nation are as followed.
- Establish land to lay claim to as the foundation of Mag Mell.
- Establish a national currency not easily manipulated by external parties.
- Establish a stable population that can procreate thus continue the nation's growth.
- Establish a culture, religion, national language, way of life.
- Construct a defensive perimeter to protect land from external parties.
- Establish needed production facilities and manufacturing to maintain population needs.
- Establish communication with foreign nations to create a peaceful partnership.

The national language will be Gaelic and English as a 2nd language for external communication with other nations. English will be the primary language for the first two generations with a full switch over to Gaelic in the 3rd generation. This will be an easing process so that all people of the nation can stay in contact with each other while easing the newer generations into a language dedicated for them.

What's the end goal?

  • To demonstrate new experimental financial, economic systems in a closed loop system.
  • To demonstrate fully autonomous governance systems that result in increased productivity while reducing resource overhead.
  • To demonstrate fully self sufficient governing systems with reduced impact on surrounding wildlife.
  • To demonstrate possible living environments that meet higher green standards.
  • To demonstrate new ways of dealing with the welfare problems of today.
  • To demonstrate new ways of managing a nations workforce to bring about a more efficient and happy nation.
  • To demonstrate how to expand genetic and cultural diversity in a nation in an effective manner to increase genetic diversity. Thus reducing the risk of viral outbreaks in a group.


The outcome of this project will be documented in a final research paper that will be provided to the USA for study into further improving the USA economy.